exground filmfest | 22 | wiesbaden | 13-22 nov 2009




One, two, three, test ... roll film!

Welcome to exground filmfest--- in its 22nd edition.

22 times looking for films, viewing them, selecting them, 22 times finalizing a program just to re-work it again, 22 opening and closing parties, 22 press conferences, 22+ concerts, 22 intros, and 22 times of writing appr. 250 film texts ... GROUNDHOG DAY comes to mind. But before the groundhog cheekily says "Good morning!" we take matters into our own hands.

We are happy to present alterations in addition to the familiar at this year's festival:

The festival opening is doubled: Apart from the official opening event in the cinema, everybody is invited to don their scarf, charm, and wool hat and join us at 9pm for an illustrated city stroll with destination opening party at the Kulturpalast, because: A WALL IS A SCREEN, and later there will be dancing.

Apart from this here program book, brand-new and fresh off the press is also true for our "News from Germany" program. The increasing international interest in and the high quality of the young German film scene has encouraged us to anchor this new focus at the festival.

The program that was there first -- American Independents -- is represented at this year's festival the strongest in years, the News from Asia section features among others this year's Oscar winner for best non-English language film, and the productions from the International program come from all over the globe and tell many interesting stories.

Our filmic focus is directed towards the North: Hjärtligt Välkomna! Did you guess? In the country of furniture kits and blond beauties, promising film makers are to be discovered -- and we bring them to Wiesbaden, including Roy Andersson -- not in person, though.

We break new ground by partnering with the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, who present their short film contest "film ab! 50", which was initiated in the framework of the federal program "Perspektive 50plus". The talent award for students and young professional from the Intervideo Film Produktion Mainz is another new contest, presented as the start of the youth days, exground filmfest's youth program.

We summarize: Our audience can expect an eclectic program and exciting days and nights. And if you think there will be nothing to discover for you during these ten days ..., the groundhog says hello!

exground filmfest would like to thank our cooperation partnerswho make it possible for us to be here at all - not only during the ten festival days: Almost for the 22nd time, a highlight from the festival as well as the winners from our three short film contests will be presented on November 25, 2009, at the Orfeo's Erben cinema in Frankfurt am Main. Antje, we thank your for your loyalty over all those years!

The still young but very inspiring work with the Instituto Cervantes will be continued as well: as a cooperation at the 2nd Festival de Cine Español e Iberoamericano, which will take place as of November 25, 2009, at the Instituto Cervantes. Last but not least we thank all sisters and brothers in arms at the German Film Institute and at the Cultural Office of the state capital Wiesbaden, with whom we are closely linked by our tested and proven cooperation over the years.

But enough said -- there is still lots be done for us and lots to read for you, until on November 13 the streets of Wiesbaden will echo with the cry of: Welcome to exground filmfest-- in its 22nd edition!


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