exground filmfest | 21 | wiesbaden | 14-23 nov 2008


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In addition to the 59 short films in our contests and the two short-film programs consisting of twelve works in the country focus Spain, exground filmfest 2008 presents 60 short films from 19 countries – among them world-, European and German premieres. The small masterpieces will be shown in four programs or as openers before the main features, and come from established film countries such as France or Great Britain, as well as countries like Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Croatia, the Philippines, Portugal and New Zealand.

Short films are not just short films because they are short. Unfortunately, a film’s length still is the valid definition criterion. Just like their longer colleagues, they need to be contemplated by categories, genres, and stylistics: documentaries, feature films, experimental films, animation films, music videos, commercials, educational films, and art films – as well as dramas, thrillers, horror films, and comedies.

Among exground filmfest’s firmly established yearly short-film sections are the programs DOCUMENTARY and BEST OF with our favourite openers. Again this year, we co-operate with the European Film Academy, presenting the program SHORT MATTERS! – which consists of the winner films from 13 European film festivals – for the first time as a "long night of short films", among them 2007’s European film award winner LIGHTBORNE by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson.

The IM FOKUS program premieres this year. In the future, we will introduce a male or female director with his or her short-film work. In 2008 we present four films by renowned Russian documentary film-maker Alina Rudnitskaya, who paints a vivid picture of the post-communist Russian society from a very personal and humanistic point of view. Her latest film VIXEN ACADEMY won the main award in the International Contest at the International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen this year.




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