exground filmfest | 21 | wiesbaden | 14-23 nov 2008


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The main program is covered by our traditional sections and special programs

American Independents
Independent US productions, from masterpieces with celebrity casts via genuine "Indies" to low budget films with cult potential.

News from Asia
Current films from Japan and Hong Kong by internationally renowned directors, as well as new discoveries by up and coming film countries like South Korea, Thailand and India.

Box office smash hits, artistically innovative films, and underground cult movies from all over the world.

Insights into other (sub-) cultures – from Australia to Zimbabwe. Music films about hip hop artists in Los Angeles as well as portraits of social outsiders and experimental artists.

Short film- and video programs covering all genres
The shorter the better: At exground filmfest, this is true amongst all genres – and especially for the short film programs loved so much by the audience.

Our this year’s special program is taking a look at the latest works of new directors from spain. The retrospective is dedicated to the work of spanish director Julio Medém.

Program overview:

ai - american independents
asia - news from asia
int - international
doku - dokumentar
fokus - fokus spanien
retro - retro julio médem


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