exground filmfest | 24 | wiesbaden | 11-20 nov 2011


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by Nurit Kedar
Israel 2011 Digital Betacam 65 min. OV Engl. ST

tue 15 nov  20.00 h  Kulturpalast <Ticketreservation>

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A war story can be told either by the victims or by the soldiers. Here filmmaker Nurit Kedar uncovers this untold war story through the voices of young soldiers. Operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza wasn’t covered by the media due to military embargo. For the first time Israeli soldiers who took part in "Cast Lead" in Gaza at the turn of the year 2008/09 come forward. Ten soldiers and officers, recently released from service, sat in front of a camera with their faces revealed. In the impressive documentary CONCRETE these soldiers, in their very unique way, have created a narrative of an unknown war – showing clearly the banality and absurdity of such military operations. 


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