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by Shlomi Eldar
USA/Israel 2010 DVD 90 min. Arab.-Hebr.-Engl. OV Engl. ST

wed 16 nov  20.00 h  Kulturpalast <Ticketreservation>

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Born without an immune system, four-month-old Palestinian boy Mohammad Abu Mustafa will die without a bone marrow transplant, a procedure that can only be done in an Israeli hospital. A desperate plea from his doctor to save Mohammad’s life leads Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar to document this complex and emotional story. As Israeli and Palestinian doctors put aside their differences to protect the child, we are forced to confront the more personal ramifications of the embargo of Gaza.

A film about hope for peace in the Middle East, PRECIOUS LIFE also conveys the universal desire to protect our children and improve their quality of life. While deeply controversial – particularly in Israel, where PRECIOUS LIFE premiered at this year’s Jerusalem Film Festival – the film has won acclaim for its raw depiction of courage, for the safety of a family.


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