exground filmfest | 24 | wiesbaden | 11-20 nov 2011


filmfest > program > fokus - israel • documentary > women of hamas


by Suha Arraf
Israel/Palestine/Germany 2010 Digital Betacam 56 min. OV Engl. ST

sun 13 nov  18.00 h  Kulturpalast <Ticketreservation>

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Hamas’ takeover of Gaza turned it into one of the most controversial organizations in the world today. While the most prominent members of the group are men, most of its field work is carried out by cadres of women supporters. These women of Hamas are the most powerful women in the Palestinian territories. Some serve as leaders of the movement, whether as elected representatives in the Palestinian parliament or as ministers in the Hamas government. Others are recognized for their social welfare activities on behalf of children and especially women and for being the mothers of suicide bombers. Suha Arraf obtained unprecedented access to four women who are active members of the organization in Gaza; shining a light on the work of those who spend their life in the shadows.




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