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by Gustavo Taretto
Argentina/Germany/Spain 2011 35 mm 91 min. Span. OV Engl. ST

wed 16 nov  22.00 h  Murnau Filmtheater <Ticketreservation>

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Medianeras from trigon-film on Vimeo.







Martin is a phobic in recovery process. Little by little he manages to step out of the isolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality. He is a web designer. Mariana just broke up after a long relationship. Her head is a mess, just like the apartment where she takes refuge. Martin and Mariana live across from each other on the same block, but never meet. They pass each other, not knowing about the other’s existence. She goes up the stairs as he goes down the stairs; he gets on the bus just as she gets off the bus. They go to the same video rental shop, but a video rack separates them... The city brings them together, and, at the same time, keeps them apart.

Director Gustavo Taretto told the story of Mariana, Martin and the city of Buenos Aires once before: "MEDIANERAS is a short film that received 40 awards worldwide – a short film with a feature film hidden inside."


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