exground filmfest | 24 | wiesbaden | 11-20 nov 2011


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Sections of exground filmfest 24

ai - american independents
Independent US productions, from masterpieces with celebrity casts via genuine "Indies" to low budget films with cult potential.

asia - news from asia
This year we focus on the latest works from the Philippines, as well as Taiwan end Japan.

deu - neues aus deutschland
Still new section of exground filmfest in it’s third edition: Young german cinema.

int -international
Box office smash hits, artistically innovative films, and underground cult movies from all over the world.

fokus - focus israel
This year exground takes a look at the latest works of new directors from israel: Apart from current Israeli feature films and documentaries exground filmfest presents the free works of selected Israeli film academies in several short film programs. 

werkschau - eyal sivan
In the framework of this year’s country focus, there will be a retrospective dedicated to director Eyal Sivan. Eyal Sivan, who is famous as a resolute critic of Israel’s politics, will discuss his body of work with the audience in Wiesbaden.

shorts - short film- and video programs
The shorter the better: At exground filmfest, this is true amongst all genres – and especially for the short film programs loved so much by the audience.

exground-ytra is as the cherry on the cake in a relationship – beloved, adored, hot.
In short form: indispensable.

doku  - documentaries
The documentaries are this year part of the main sections. Overview of all documentaries



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