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by David Fisher
Israel/Germany/Austria 2011 Digital Betacam 93 min. Hebr.-Engl.-Germ. OV Engl. ST

wed 21 nov 20.00 h Kulturpalast   

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In his unusually intense documentary Fisher researches the question how the Holocaust survivors’ traumata influenced the next generation. He travels to Austria with his siblings to visit the places of horror. The first half of the journey he did alone. His siblings didn’t want to deal with the past. He factually had to force them to accompany him for the second half. They get to Gusen, where their father in a Mauthausen satellite camp had to dig subterranean halls into the mountain, where airplanes were built. This is no film about the Holocaust, says the director. He also laughed a lot with his brothers and his sister, the journey to the places of suffering of their father got them closer together again as family.

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