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Vor jeder Festivalvorstellung und in Kinos im Rhein-Main-Gebiet
by Martin Gessner Germany 1 Min. OF

At night the dead come alive in the de-sert, at least in Mexico, at the latest on „Día de los muertos“. For exground filmfest 27 we also let the skeletons dance, to the song „Calaveras“ by the band „Las Calaveras“. Be ready for a surprise!


Direction & Production: Martin Gessner, Tim Lindenblatt, Wiesbaden
Skeleton-Marionette: Marbod Rossmeissl, Puppentheater Marlionetta, Wiesbaden
Logos/Graphics: Arkady Kravchouk and Oleg Morozow, Happydrummers Studio, Tel Aviv Israel
Technology and film settings: spectral TV, Alex Trinkner & Matthias Diehl, Wiesbaden
Las Calaveras, Chemnitz
Sebastian Mansch - Vocals , Rhythm Guitar
Robert Lässig - LeadGuitar , RhythmGuitar , LapSteelGuitar
Ron Heinrich - LeadGuitar , RhythmGuitar
Tom Müller - Drums
Markus Altmann - Cello , Percussion
Carsten Harbeck - UprightBass
Thomas Blasko - Trumpet

Thank you very much to everyone who assisted!


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