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by Nico Sommer
Germany 2014 78 min. original version

sat 22 nov 8:00 pm Murnau Filmtheater

Script: Daniel Fink, DoP: Eugen Gritschneder, Editor: Bernhard Strubel, Production: süsssauer Filmproduktion, Traumfängerfilm, Producer: Nico Sommer, Cast: Kathrin Waligura, Peter Trabner, Deborah Kaufmann, Jörg Witte, Anais Urban

Maja’s and Uwe’s relationship is stuck in everyday routine. Their marriage is marked by laid-back relaxation. Their daughter Alina, in contrast, has just fallen in love with Nico and arranges a first meeting with Nico’s parents in a castle-like estate in Brandenburg. We soon find out, that the family reunion has some surprises in store. In this wonderful tragicomedy, Sommer circles around central questions of family- and married life.

Biography: Nico Sommer, born in 1983 in Berlin, in school already started working with art work and mixing of fiction and truth. In early student films he experimented with "mockumentary". He worked for agencies and soon had his first invitations to film festivals. Eventually he began his studies of feature and documentary film directing at the renowned Kunsthochschule Kassel. In 2012, he graduated with excellence and the same year shot his self-financed debut SILVI, which showed at the 63th Berlinale.

Filmography (selection): 2008 SCHÄFCHEN ZÄHLEN (short film, ex 22); STILLER FRÜHLING, 2010 SOLOKIND, 2011 DIE TAKTSTÜRMER; VATERLANDSLIEBE (short film), 2013 SILVI, 2014 FAMILIENFIEBER

Awards: Prize of the Minister President of the State of Saarland (Film Festival Max Ophüls Prize, Saarbrücken/Germany 2014), new berlin film award in the category „Best Director“ (Achtung Berlin, Germany 2014), Audience Award (Ahrenshooper Filmnächte, Germany 2014)

Nico Sommer
süsssauer Filmproduktion
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12004 Berlin

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