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by Nuria Ibáñez
Mexiko 2013 70 min. original version with English subtitles

sat 22 nov 6:00 pm Murnau Filmtheater
German premiere

Script: Nuria Ibáñez, DoP: Ernesto Pardo, Editor: Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé, Production: FOPROCINE, Miss Paraguay Producciones, Producers: Cristina Velasco Lozano, Nuria Ibáñez, with: teenagers from Mexico, their parents and consultants

THE NAKED ROOM offers the opportunity to study and witness the trauma of a series of youths who suffer from issues including severe depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder from assault and more. Many of the children in the film pose a danger to themselves or others; the office is their parents’ last hope at saving their children from suicide, life behind bars, or a straightjacket.

"Simple yet intensely powerful; Nuria Ibáñez’s THE NAKED ROOM packs a world of emotion into its structure consisting entirely of a series of intense close-ups (…)." (The Hollywood Reporter)

"A work that achieves a lot with very little, since it is enough to listen to the children and their parents during the consultations to see the fragility of human nature." (El Universal)

Biography: Nuria Ibáñez made her feature debut with her 2009 film THE TIGHTROPE, which won the New Look Award at the Visions du Réel Festival in Nyon/Switzerland. In 2010, she and filmmaker Mercedes Moncada co-founded the production company Miss Paraguay Producciones. THE NAKED ROOM is her second feature film. Born in Spain and trained as a journalist, Nuria Ibáñez currently lives in Mexico.

Filmography: 2007 THE FISHSOUP (short film), 2009 THE TIGHTROPE, 2013 THE NAKED ROOM

Awards (selection): Prize for Best Film in the "Human Rights" section (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, Argentina 2014), Prize for Best Film (REC Tarragona International Film Festival, Spain 2013), Award for Best Documentary and for Best Documentary by a Female Filmmaker (Morelia International Film Festival, Mexico 2013)

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