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by Natalia Dziedzic
Poland 2014 11 min. without dialogues animation

German premiere

At the seaside beach fates of balding sailor, young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab – are tangling.

Script: Natalia Dziedzic, Animation: Natalia Dziedzic, Wojciech Wojtkowski, Tomasz Popakul, Michal Orzechowski, Editor: Boguslaw Furga, Zbigniew Gustaw, Production: FUMI Studio, Producers: Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak

Biography: Natalia Dziedzic, born in Poland in 1986, graduated from Lodz Film School in Animation and Special Effects. Her short movies are made in different techniques of 2D-animation. Her earlier movie, ORCHISES FAIR, participated in many film festivals picking up a total of eight awards in Poland only.

Filmography: 2008 KOMPLEKS, 2009 ORCHISES FAIR, 2014 ENDEMIC`S GREED

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