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by Helena Grama Ungaretti
Brazil 2013 20 min. original version with English subtitles fiction

German premiere

Felipe is forced to spend his afternoons with his unusual aunt Guta.

Script: Lia Kulakauskas, DoP: Rafael Martinelli, Editor: Nina Kopko, Production: Massa Real Filmes, Producer: Angelo Ravazi, Cast: Max Huszar, Lilian Blanc

Biography: Helena Grama Ungaretti got her bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Media from the University of São Paulo. Working mainly as an assistent director, she has also directed two short films this year: the documentary on parking lots – P – and the comedy GROUNDED.

Filmography: 2014 P, 2014 GROUNDED

Helena Grama Ungaretti
Av. dos Semaneiros, 114
05463-020 São Paulo
Phone: +55 (1 19) 96 26 96 50

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