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by Una Gunjak
Germany/Croatia 2014 15 min. Bosnian original version with English subtitles fiction

It’s Sarajevo, year running 1993. As a present for her sixth birthday, Selma gets a live chicken and decides to set it free.

Script: Una Gunjak, DoP: Matthias Pilz, Editor: Anja Siemens, Production: ZAK Film Productions, Producer: Jelena Goldbach, Cast: Iman Alibalic, Esma Alic, Mario Knezovic, Mirela Lambic

Biography: Una Gunjak, born in Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina, is a London-based director and editor. She studied Film at the University of Torino/Italy and Editing at the National Film and TV School in Great Britain, where she graduated with a Master of Arts diploma.

Filmography: 2014 THE CHICKEN

Awards: Robert Bosch Film Prize (Cannes International Film Festival, France 2014), Jury Award for Best Live-Action Short Under 15 Minutes (Palm Springs International Shortfest, USA 2014), "Heart of Sarajevo" Award for Best Short Film (Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2014)

Film Distribution and Production
Salaud Morisset 
Schönhauser Allee 8
10119 Berlin 

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