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by Markus Mischkowski and Kai Maria Steinkühler
Germany 2015 81 min. original version

fri 20 nov 10:00 pm Murnau Filmtheater

Script: Markus Mischkowski, Kai Maria Steinkühler, DoP: KaPe Schmidt, Editor: Bernhard Reddig, Markus Mischkowski, Production: Westendfilme, Producer: Markus Mischkowski, Cast: Markus Mischkowski, Kai Maria Steinkühler, Steffi Gosejohann, Jens Claßen, Claudia Basrawi

Job-less beer-drinking buddies Mike and Alfred are recruited by their old compagnon Rasto to transfer a suitcase with "important documents" to Luxembourg. While Mike takes the mission too seriously, Alfred falls in love with hitchhiker Anja.
"The idea of Cologne’s WESTEND cycle is to create a filmic cosmos of its own with recurring protagonists from film to film, following its own aesthetics, designing its own language, creating its own myths. The bold wish, the subversive plan behind it: on the quiet write ourselves as footnote into film history, with a small but fine oeuvre, beyond usual service cinema, yet with all freedom of film making." (Markus Mischkowski and Kai Maria Steinkühler)

Biography: Markus Mischkowski was born in 1966 and studied linguistics and then at the International Film School Cologne. He is a member of Filmclub 813.
Kai Maria Steinkühler was born in 1967 and studied Egyptology and African studies. He is a member of Filmclub 813.

Filmography (together; selection): 2001 WESTEND (ex 15), 2003 AGNOLI – DAS NEGATIVE POTENTIAL, 2007 WALDMEISTER (ex 21); 2007 INSIDE LEMKE, 2010 WELLENREITER (ex 23); WARTESCHLEIFEN, 2013 DER PITCH (ex 26), 2014 WETTBEWERBER (ex 27), 2015 WEISSE RITTER

Markus Mischkowski
Weißenburgstraße 57, Haus 4
50670 Cologne
Phone: +49 (2 21) 72 50 93




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