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Now in their 13th edition, the exground youth days also promise to take young viewers along on an exciting cinematic journey to other countries and cultures. How do young people live in other parts of the world? What’s on their minds as they make their way towards adulthood? What are their passions – what are their worries and hardships? The seven productions from the USA, France, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Chile and Iran provide very different answers – and offer insight into worlds that might otherwise remain off limits to us. For the opening of the 13th "youth days – International Youth Film Competition" Clay Liford’s American comedy SLASH immerses us in the weird world of fan fiction enthusiasts. Mehrdad Oskouei’s STARLESS DREAMS gives a glimpse into a foreign cosmos of a totally different kind: a reform school for troubled young girls north of Tehran. A completely different side of Iran is revealed to us in Susanne Regina Meures’ RAVING IRAN, in which the director documents
Anoosh und Arash’s difficult path from Tehran’s techno underground to the biggest rave in the world in Switzerland. By contrast, MY REVOLUTION by Ramzi Ben Sliman is about a rather reluctant rebel, though that doesn’t stop Marwann from becoming a hero in the eyes of his classmate Sygrid. In Renārs Vimba’s award winning MELLOW MUD and in the psycho-thriller PLANTS by Roberto Doveris two adolescent girls are in the spotlight: while Raya from Latvia attempts to reconcile first love (with her teacher, of all people) with her responsibility for her family, Florencia cares for her brother and tries to meet strangers on the internet. Finally in Stephan Richter’s ONE OF US, teenagers in a drab Austrian suburb seem headed towards inevitable tragedy... With such a strong line-up, it’s anyone’s guess which film will come out on top with the youth jury and the audience. Prize money to the tune of around EUR 4,500 awaits the winners – including those of the "Wiesbaden Youth Film Competition" for the region’s youngest filmmaking talent.

by Stephan Richter
Austria 2015 86 min original version with English subtitles


by Renārs Vimba
Latvia 2016 107 min original version with German and English subtitles

by Ramzi Ben Sliman
France 2016 80 min French-Arabic original version with German and English subtitles

by Roberto Doveris
Chile 2016 93 min original version with German and English subtitles

by Susanne Regina Meures
Switzerland 2016 84 min farsi original version with German subtitles

by Clay Liford
USA 2016 100 min original version with German subtitles

by Mehrdad Oskouei
Iran 2016 76 min original version with German and English subtitles