exground filmfest | 22 | wiesbaden | 13-22 nov 2009


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by Rashid Masharawi Palestine/Tunesia/The Netherlands 2008 35 mm 72 min. Arab. OV Engl. ST

Daily madness in the West Bank. As Abu Laila, a judge, is not getting paid by the government, he has to earn a living as taxi driver. On his daughter’s birthday, his wife asks him to return home early and bring presents and a cake. He honestly tries to do so, but life in Palestine is a bit chaotic – he has to take quite some detours.
The brilliant film does not show the violence in an occupied country, but people mastering their lives despite all obstacles.

LAILA’S BIRTHDAY is an absurd satire, wonderfully filmed, with a very moving soundtrack.
A declaration of love to a "disturbed" city. 
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