exground filmfest | 22 | wiesbaden | 13-22 nov 2009


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In the early years of the exground filmfest program "News from Asia", Asian cinema was regarded as quite exotic. Luckily, this has changed by now and film countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand are no longer Terra Incognita. More and more viewers open up to cineastic adventures off Hollywood. This year, exground filmfest 22 again offers several Asian highlights that are worth being discovered by the German audience. As many as three films come from the booming film country South Korea. Festival hit DAYTIME DRINKING by Young-Seok Noh teaches you all you need to know about Korean drinking habits, ANTIQUE by Kyu-Dong Min shows how four men delight not only women with sweet cake, and in CLAUSTROPHOBIA you suffer with a woman unhappily in love.

We are especially proud to be able to present the winner of the Oscar 2009 for best non-English language film: In the Japanese picture NOKAN - DIE KUNST DES AUSKLANGS (DEPARTURES) by Yojiro Takita, a man discovers his fascination with the traditional burying ritual. This deeply funny and moving masterpiece will make sure that there will be not a dry eye in the house. Thailand is known for eerie horror movies. This year we will show the scary compilation 4BIA with samples by four talented directors. HAPPINESS by Yongyoot Thongkontoon is anything but cheerful, the splatter episode TIT FOR TAT by Paween Purijitpanya combines the issue of mobbing in school with black magic, the scary comedy IN THE MIDDLE by Banjong Pisanthanakun lampoons teenage horror films, and Parkpoom Wongpoom takes on the psycho horror genre in LAST FRIGHT.


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