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by Ryan Wise
USA 2015 84 min. English original version

thu 19 nov 10:00 pm Kulturpalast

DoP: Ryan Wise, Doug O. Perkins, Editor: Ryan Wise, Production: Blue Lame 61 Productions, Producer: Ryan Wise, Alan Higbee, with: Jon Mikl Thor, Mike Favata, Steve Price

I Am Thor - Teaser Trailer from Ryan Wise on Vimeo.


Jon Mikl Thor was a bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing rock star in the 70s & 80s whose theatrical band, THOR, never quite made it big. Ten years into retirement, and incapable of living like a normal mortal human being, Thor attempts a comeback to achieve the level of success that had eluded him his entire career – a comeback that nearly kills him.
"Striking the right good-natured tone between admiration and amusement" (Variety)

Biography: Ryan Wise is a Canadian director, producer, script writer and editor who co-created the Emmy-nominated TV series SAM HAS 7 FRIENDS and PROM QUEEN. He won awards for his editing on such documentaries as THE GREEN RUSH and WHY WE RIDE. I AM THOR is his directorialdebut as documentary filmmaker.

Filmography: 2006 SAM HAS 7 FRIENDS, 2007–2012 PROM QUEEN (web series), 2008 FOREIGN BODY; SORORITY FOREVER, 2010 KILL SPIN, 2010 CONTROL TV (all TV series), 2015 I AM THOR

Awards: Prize for Best Documentary (Fantasia Film Festival, Toronto/Canada 2015)

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