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by Scott Sanders USA 2009 35 mm 90 min. OV

"Black Dynamite" is the baddest cat to ever hit town. He puts his finger in the ground and turns the whole word around. This ex-CIA commando rules the streets with a 44-Magnum in one hand and nunchucks in the other. With his soul brother brand of Kung Fu, he strikes fear into the hearts of suckers and chumps on both sides of the law, and with his super cool style, keeps the ladies begging for more. When Black Dynamite’s brother Jimmy is mysteriously killed, the CIA calls Black Dynamite back into action. In the process of solving his brother’s murder, he uncovers a bigger plan by "The Man" to pump dope into the local orphanages and flood the ghetto with malt liquor adulterated to weaken the Black Man’s most fundamental power source.
Black Dynamite takes his crusade from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the "Honky House"…

„BLACK DYNAMITE kicks some serious ass… Even The Man might give it two nunchucks up!“ (Movie City News.com)

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