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by Shinsuke Sato
Japan 2011 35 mm 141 min. OV Engl. ST

mon 14 nov  19.45 h  Caligari FilmBühne <Ticketreservation>

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Kei and Masaru lost their lives in an accident and were beamed into a different dimension, where a mysterious black metal ball named "Gantz" orders them to kill aliens. While they seem to be living in the real world during the day, they have to collect scores in fights at night, in order to return to the living. Other than his friend Masaru Kei in the beginning is fascinated by the violent game. But things change, when "Gantz" orders him to kill Tae, who he fell in love with in the real world. He tries to save her from his teammates, who are just into scoring.

The breathtaking action film GANTZ 2: PERFECT ANSWER is the second part of a comic-book serial made into film, which was one of the absolute box-office hits in Japan in 2011.


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