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A warm welcome to exground filmfest 27!

For this year’s festival edition we have selected a program for you with more than 220 international productions – a cross-section of the 2013/2014-vintage of international film from more than 3,000 entered short- and feature-length films as well as the best of numerous other festivals we attended. The best possible compliment for our unpaid work would be you taking part in our filmic journey around the world in large numbers. Lean back and relax in the comfy seats of Caligari FilmBühne, and Murnau Filmtheater, or come to the iconic Kulturpalast, let the films take you to other worlds and cultures, and experience the audience favorites of other festivals (like the Argentinian audience favorite in Cannes, WILD TALES, the Audience Award winner in Locarno, SCHWEIZER HELDEN, or the winner of many awards, GÜEROS from Mexico.

We incent ourselves anew even for the 27th exground filmfest edition and open the festival with two films – fitting our country-in-focus program it’ll be two Mexican films in a row. As international premieres we present THE HAMSTERS by newcomer Gilberto González Penilla and the largely shot in Wiesbaden GUTEN TAG, RAMÓN by renowned director Jorge Ramírez-Suárez.

A special highlight this year is the new interpretation of Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL by the Swiss group pulp.noir. In a live-remix trip-like clips are derived from the bizarre-surreal film toppling its retro-futuristic concept. Yet Gilliam’s Kafkaesque future vision from the year 1985 remains part of the performance and takes us back to 2014 – just think of the headline "surveillance state".

To get the Herculean task of exground filmfest done, we need external personnel, interns and more than 100 helping hands during the festival. Thus our heart-felt thanks go to all those, who with their help ensure, that exground filmfest 27 can go all the way.

This also goes for all patrons, sponsors, partners and festival friends, whose financial backing has enabled us in the first place to pay the screening fees and travel of the guests from all over the world as well as other costs. 


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