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Closing of exground filmfest 23
On Sunday, November 21, 2010, exground filmfest ended its enormously successful ten-day-run. During the last ten days, the films from all over the world were met with great interest and drew a huge international crowd to the cinemas – to participate in the most important platform for German independent films. In total, exground filmfest had 14,000 guests, among them 11,000 at the screenings.

The winners of the exground filmfest 23 contests

German Short Film Contest (audience vote)

DER KLEINE NAZI by Petra Lüschow
(Prize money: EUR 3,000)

ICH BIN’S. HELMUT by Nicolas Steiner
(Prize money: EUR 2,000)

(Prize money: EUR 1,000)

International ON-VIDEO Contest (expert jury)

LOOM by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay
(Prize money: EUR 1,500)

Honorary mentions for:
DOORGAAN by Leendert Pot
CIGARETTE CANDY by Lauren Wolkstein

youth days – International Youth Film Contest (youth jury)

(Prize money: EUR 2,500)

WIESBADEN-SPECIAL – Short Film Contest (audience vote)

GISBERTA by Lisa Violetta Gaß
(Prize money: EUR 500 & Film Sound Special Prize)

Wiesbaden Youth Film Contest (audience vote)

FREIER FALL by 15-year-old pupils from the Helene-Lange school
(Prize money: EUR 450)

Golden exground Cucumber (expert jury)

KAPITÄN KLAPPSPATEN 2 by Carsten Völkel (Prize money: EUR 50)

exground filmfest 24
The date of the next exground filmfest is already confirmed. Between November 11 and November 20, 2011, numerous international film makers will introduce their works in Wiesbaden. The country focus of exground filmfest 24 will be on film productions from Israel. Until then, the filmfest presents its monthly "exground film of the month" in the Caligari FilmBühne.

Your contact for press inquiries
Wolf Karpen; Mob (01 78) 786 00 47
Telephone (06 11) 4 50 49 68


That wasn’t all yet – today: the great closing event!

At 7pm, our wonderful Festival-Trailer will be seen on the big screen for the last time. Again, heartfelt thanks to Martin & upstart!

In the GERMAN SHORTFILM CONTEST,the highlight and audience favourite of exground filmfest, 10 films compete for the award for best German short film, endowed with 6 ooo Euros in total. The audience decides!

The award ceremony will be held after the screening. Apart from best German short film, the winners of the ON-VIDEO-CONTEST, the WIESBADEN-SPECIAL – SHORT FILM CONTEST, the exground youth days and the GONG-SHOW will be announced.

And then there will be dancing!

Dr. Love plays everything that stimulates dancing mood, cocktail consumption and human brotherhood in an excessive way. Old and new, Funk, Rock ’n’ Roll and scattered electronic micro-elements – all of this and more will be pulled out of his magic DJ case.

We take this opportunity to say thank you to everybody who participated in the festival, and are looking forward to seeing you again in November 2011.


Last rounds! Saturday-Night-Fever.

After everybody whetted their appetite watching EL BULLI, we present the latest work of Chilean Patricio Guzmán at 5:30 pm in the Caligari: NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ [NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT] - an essayistic documentary whose theme range develops into a poetic parable abot astronomy and the history of Chile in the last 50 years.

In the Kulturpalast at 6pm, we take a look at the current events in Burma: Myanmar ist he new name given to Burma by the military government. In the BURMA HEUTE program we present five films from the Yangon Film School, a non-governmental development project based in Berlin, since no cultural institutions are allowed to work in the oppressed country.

At 8pm we show SOL NA NEBLINA [SUN IN THE MIST] at the Murnau, the decorated work of Brazilian Werner Schumann, which impressively shows the survival struggle of two underdogs stranded at Brazil’s south coast.

Our country focus continues at 10pm in the Murnau with PARAÍSO [PARADISE] by Héctor Gálvez. Paraíso, Paradise, is the name of Lima’s slum. One month ago, Che Loco was murdered here by a brutal gang. His friends mourn the tragic loss and simultaneously realize the daily toughness of their being.

At 8pm in the Caligari: EN GANSKE SNILL MANN [A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN]. The most beautiful film title of 2010! Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland created an irresistably cool and eloquent comedy about life in the past tense in a world that is rationalised through and through.

Further East in the Caligari at 10:15pm: BANG-KAH [MONGA] by Doze Niu from Taiwan, is a brilliantly staged and choreographed gangster film with spectacular action sequences.

Last but not least at 10pm in the Kulturpalast: TRASH HUMPERS by the great Harmony Korine. The enfant terrible of the American cinema has made a true independent film in which he settles old scores with middle class morals - on VHS.

We also put a spotlight on our audience tonight:
As of appr. 10pm, the foyer of the Caligari turns into a show stage: Everybody is invited to show their talent at this year’s KARAOKE.
Be there or be square.

Today‘s full program


Friday Night at exground filmfest

Even more highlights at exground filmfest – Friday, November 19, 2010

Today: Second part of the ON-VIDEO-CONTEST at 5:30pm in the Caligari FilmBühne! (Rerun of the contest films at the Kulturpalast Part 1 today at 8pm, Part 2 tomorrow at 8pm)

The last film of the Homage to Ulli Lommel is ADOLF UND MARLEN at 6pm in the Kulturpalast.

The country focus on Latin America presents Brazilian film SONHOS ROUBADOS [STOLEN DREAMS] by Sandra Werneck today at 8pm in the Caligari.

Max Richard Lowenstein in a double feature at the Murnau: WE'RE LIVING ON DOG FOOD at 6pm, DOGS IN SPACE - the first and only PUNK feature film ever – at 8pm:
A must for all fans of Post Punk in Melbourne at the end of the Seventies, featuring Nick Cave, Michael Hutchence (INXS), „The Birthday Party“, „Rowland S. Howard“, „Primitive Calculators“, „The Ears“ and „Whirlywirld“ among others.

In the Kulturpalast at 10pm: CARNIVORE by Philippine director Ato Bautista is an extremely tough thriller with dark, athmospheric images, showing a degenerate society where only the strong rule.

As of 10pm – lounge in the foyer of the Caligari – everybody is welcome!

The full program for today


The final rounds begin – another 4 days of high calibre cinema in Wiesbaden.

The evening’s highlights – Thursday, November 18, 2010

First part of the ON-VIDEO-CONTEST at 5:30pm in the Caligari FilmBühne

Spectacular surfing and climbing lets you forget the November weather fort wo hours: At 8pm in the MurnauTheatre we present the latest work by wave master Chris Malloy 180° SOUTH .

Ulli Lommel presents THE DEVONSVOILLE TERROR in the Kulturpalast (10pm)

26 years after the great STOP MAKING SENSE, we show another brilliant concert film with David Byrne. RIDE, RISE, ROAR - today at 10:15pm in the Caligari FilmBühne – present staged live songs and insights into the creative making of the music.

Tickets for the GERMAN SHORT FILM CONTEST on Sunday are getting rare – if you would like to buy a ticket, better do so soon!

As of 10pm, there will be lounge music in the foyer of the Caligari FilmBühne!

The full program for today


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